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Social Activities

Social Activities For Surya Multispeciality Hospital :
    1. Blood donation camps inaugurated in Surya Hospital, Shikrapur as part of Pai. Magal Bandal birthday celebrations

Donating blood is as good for YOUR health as it is for the receiver

  • Research discovered donating blood can help reduce the risk of heart attacks and cancer
  • It has this affect by reducing iron levels which can thicken blood and increase free-radical damage
  • Beneficial for weight watchers too as people burn 650 calories with every pint donated

    2. Opening Of Free Health Camp at Pimple-Dhumal village.
    3. Running Free OPD at Rajeev-Rajan Lad Trust on every Sunday Morning.

Rajeev-Rajan Lad Trust

This Trust has been the focus of the activities of Mrs. Meera and Mr. Sitaram Lad after the untimely death of their twins. The activity called the 'Rajeev Rajan Adharghar' embodies the memories of these two children. This activity was started with the help of a donation from 'Rajeev-Rajan Lad Trust'.

The Trust decided to spend its money and to use its manpower for reducing the agonies and the sufferings of those who have become unfortunate victims of serious non-contagious diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer, SLE etc. and also for those who have become physically dependent on other people for some reason or the other. They are admitted as inmates of Rajeev-Rajan Adhar Ghar. Adhar Ghar literally means a place that gives support similar to one’s home. The management has been making maximum efforts to make the place as comfortable as possible for such unfortunate inmates. As most inmates have a prolonged history of illnesses and suffering, they need both physical and psychological support so that they can spend their time in Rajeev-Rajan Adhar Ghar as happily as they can. Special efforts have been made to select a team of dedicated workers who do not work only for money but who have accepted this work as their mission in life. All inmates have to make a reasonable payment calculated on ‘no profit – no loss’ basis for the services rendered and facilities provided. The Trust however admits some patients, service, free of charge in Adhar Ghar.

    4. Honoured chief guest At Maher Sanstha vadhu on 15th august 2016.